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Baihe (Beiyan) Dyeing Mill, with an investment of about RMB 24 million and an annual dyeing capacity of about 6,000 tons, has dozens of sets of domestic first-class equipment for staining test, inspection and ribbon dyeing equipment, such as high-temperature and high-pressure tube dyeing tanks, computer-controlled elastic tube and a radio-frequency oven.

The company focuses on the production and processing of various tube dyed yarns, such as cotton, polyester, rayon, acrylic staple fibre, linen, dacron, nylon, acrylic fibers, cotton spandex, spandex, soybean fiber, bamboo fiber, milk fiber and corn fiber. The physical and chemical indicators of dyed yarns have reached international standards.

Meanwhile, the company has several sets of advanced continuous high temperature and normal temperature dyeing machines with an annual dyeing capacity of 2 billion meters and specializes in staining cotton belts, satin ribbons, velvet ribbons, nylon belts, knapsack belts, ribbons, iron wire belts.

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